Dixie Chopper alternative power Specifications

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Dixie Chopper offers you the most unique alternatives in the industry. They are; the Dixie Chopper XXW4600-72 and the XXWD5000-72. Bragging rights are yours when you own one of these production mowing masters. The XXW4600-72 sports two, that’s right, two 23hp engines that work together. We are often asked; “Why would you put two engines on a lawnmower?” Simple: Because we can! It is difficult to compare the “twin” to anything, because there is nothing like it. Maybe you would like to own the most powerful diesel on the market. Try a 50hp, turbo charged Dixie Chopper. Words simply cannot describe this machine. You’ll have to experience the difference. These two units prove why Dixie Chopper is a leader in innovation.