Case DX21 Specifications

Reviews : 38
Average Score : 1.24
Average Package Price : $9,500.00*
Production Status : Model Retired

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Case Compact Tractors 30- HP
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You’ll be amazed at the agility and adaptability of the DX21 – the first of 10 mid-range compact models in the new FARMALL lineup.Make short work of your chores with the DX21 compact tractor. If there’s acreage to mow, the DX21 is well suited for the task. It’s tough enough for light-duty material handling jobs. Outfit the DX21 with the full line of front-, mid- or rear-mounted implements, and this machine can tackle a multitude of chores. Featuring hydrostatic transmission (16.0 PTO horsepower) or 9x3 gear transmission (17.0 PTO horsepower), and mechanical front-wheel drive, the DX21 has power to spare.