So you thought computers could be confusing when it comes to RAM, DIMM's, and your OS. Well tractors can be equally as confusing if your not up to speed on the acronyms that are commonly used by internet users. A good sampling of what you will find is below. If you feel confused feel free to ask. We are a friendly bunch and where in your shoes at one point too.

3PT 3 Point Hitch
4WD 4-Wheel Drive
BB Back Blade or Box Blade
BH Backhoe
BH Brush Hog or Back Hoe
CTR Compact Tractor Review
CUT  Compact Utility Tractor
FEL Front End Loader
FOPS  Falling Object Protective Structure
GPM  Gallons Per Minute
GST Glide Shift Transmission (Kubota)
HP Horsepower
HST   HydroStatic Transmission
HYD Hydraulic
MFWD  Mechanical Front Wheel Drive
MM  Mid-Mount
MMM Mid-Mount Mower
PHD Post Hole Digger
PRT Power Reverser Transmission
PS Power Steering
PTO Power Take-Off
QA Quick Attach
R1 Ag/Bar Tire
R2 Ag/Deep Tread Bar Tire
R3 Turf Tire
R4 Industrial Tire
RFM Rear Finish Mower
RM Rear-Mount
ROPS Roll Over Protective Structure (Rollbar)
RPM Revolutions Per Minute
SCUT Sub-Compact Utility Tractor
SS Shuttle Shift
SSL Skid Steer Lock
SSS Synchronized Shuttle Shift
Sub-Cut Sub Compact Utility Tractor
ZTR Zero Turn Rider
DT Gear Drive (Kubota)
SB Snow Blower