Mowing Tips & Tricks
Compiled by Woods Equipment

Mowing tips #1

Extremely tall grass should be mowed twice. Raise the mower and cut half the desired height. Cut the second time at the desired height and at 90 degrees to the first pass.

Mowing tips #2

Remember sharp blades produce cleaner cuts and use less power.

Mowing tips #3

Before mowing, analyze the area to determine the best mowing procedure. Consider the height and type of grass and the terrain type (hilly, level or rough).

Mowing tips #4

When using a side discharge mower, blow the discharge into the previous pass. Never discharge the clippings into the uncut grass when possible.

Mowing tips #5

Plan your mowing patterns to travel straightforward whenever possible. The less turning or backing up you do will reduce your mowing time.

Mowing tips #6

Before beginning to mow, walk the area first and remove any stones or debris, which may be hidden in the grass.

Mowing tips #7

When mowing along roadsides always discharge the material away from the road to prevent any foreign object from being thrown at a passing car.

Mowing tips #8

It is better to mow grass more often at a higher cut height than too short. Short grass deteriorates rapidly in hot weather and invites weed growth during the season. Follow local recommendations for suitable cutting heights for your type of grass.

Tips to prevent streaking or ragged cut

  • Always mow when the grass is dry with sharp blades.
  • Check belt drive to insure there is no slippage and operate at rated blade tip speed.
  • Adjust the attitude of the mower deck so that the front is slightly lower than the rear.
  • In early spring conditions it may be necessary to reduce ground speed or mow twice.  Once at a higher cut height then again at the normal cut height. Later in the season after the grass has been mowed several times, the grass is stiffer and easier to cut. In most cases, the streaking usually goes away as the season progresses.